Sunday, 24 February 2013

Trees and Sky

Back to some splodges with acrylics, this time a peaceful summer scene.

White Orchid

My wife has a splendid white orchid which I attempted to paint with acrylics. This is my first attempt at still life.


Back to solid acrylics and the theme of producing a painting using just one colour.  In this painting I used just variations of grey and white to produce a cold mountain scene.

Water colour Rose

I've attempted to paint a water colour rose without any hand drawn outline.  This was a little more difficult than I first anticipated as I was rather nervous of making a mistake and ruining the entire work.


I've discovered that painting clouds with acrylics is actually not too tricky to do.  Here is my first attempt for a pure cloudscape:

A new hobby

A short while ago I attended a retreat near Battle in East Sussex - fortunately the place had a small art room and for the first time for nearly 20 years I had a go at painting.  I started with bold acrylics which was new to me, and I found it incredibly hard to paint a landscape, so instead I attempted some random abstract splodges with a single hue to see what happened.

As things worked out, I was pleased with the outcome, even if it wasn't anything specific.

After spending a quiet evening pondering on how peaceful it was at the retreat I had a go at sketching and water colours:

It was an attempt to paint a scene with just one colour, which worked out quiet well. Unfortunately the photo of the original has skewed the image a little.

Anyhow, I re-discovered how relaxing and creative painting is, and will be continuing this as a hobby.